Think It Up and Do It

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One of the great benefits of a ministry like LifeLine is that because we are unencumbered by some of the trappings of a more "normal" church - whatever that is - we can be light on our feet and highly responsive to the needs around us. This isn't to minimize what others may or may not do; we just know that we feel pretty free to think stuff up and actually do it.

The way this has taken shape in the early stages of LifeLine's development has been in the form of things like disaster relief efforts, fall harvest overflows delivered to people in need, turning the LifeLine Mobile Medical Unit into a rolling coat closet for winter clothing, ministering to unhoused persons living outside in various ways, taking relationships and preventative medical care to people who are unhoused and/or migrant worker camps, transporting people for various services from other groups or ministries, providing various levels of collaborative support to other ministries and services at particularly challenging times, and much more.

This particular aspect of our life and ministry together is particularly exciting and transformative, as the gifts and callings of our group and its individuals are brought to bear for a common good and for the Kingdom of God in unique, creative and energetic ways. It is in these kinds of ministries that, often, our greatest joys intersect with the world's deep hunger (paraphrasing Frederick Buechner). In these places we are more aware than usual of God's activity among us, and of the life of the Spirit in which we live and walk.