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Koinos Church
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Mobile Clinic
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Mobile Clinic
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Downtown Mobile Medical Clinic
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Downtown Mobile Medical Clinic

Mobile Medical Unit

It's big...and it's purple. Seriously. Some, like those involved with our ministry partners Food for Thought, call it "The Peanut Butter and Jelly Bus." Ken from another ministry partner, 1Matters, dubbed it "Zoomba's Magic Bus." Despite these apropos names, it has become most affectionately known as "Buszilla." It's big...and it's purple. Seriously.

As ridiculous as it sounds, "Buszilla" has become an icon in the city of Toledo since it's introduction in October of 2009. Wherever it goes, people honk and wave wildly. It's a little over the top sometimes, but that's only because when people see the big bus they know what it means.

It means hope. When "Buszilla" rolls up it means nurses will be aboard to check blood pressure readings and blood sugar levels, listen to heart and lungs, and give either the comfort of knowing one is ok for another week, or that there is trouble brewing and it needs to be addressed.

Every Saturday morning in downtown Toledo, in support and collaboration with Food for Thought and others, "Buszilla" takes preventative healthcare to people who are unhoused or inadequately housed, uninsured or under-insured. Many come every week, just wanting to find out how they're doing - some just so they can connect with somebody who'll care about them and their life and health. LifeLine's volunteer nurses have gained a reputation for dependability and genuine caring.

About once a month, the Black Bag Project (BBP) comes aboard the big purple mobile medical unit. On these days there is a doctor, a pharmacist, University of Toledo medical students, and nurses of the Neighborhood Health Association and Mildred Bayer Clinic for the Homeless (also ministry partners with LifeLine). On these days, triage operations are conducted outside the door of the bus, medical students interview patients to construct a complete medical history, the physician conducts a complete physical exam and writes prescriptions where they are warranted, the pharmacist calls the scripts in to the pharmacy at St. Vincent Mercy Hospital, and the meds are in the patient's hands before they leave the site. It's a great sight to behold!

Whether downtown on a Saturday morning, at a migrant worker camp in the late summer, or at a river side tent city, the purple bus means hope. The health needs of people who are often neglected are attended to by the medical professionals who serve aboard "Buszilla," lives are saved and worries allayed.

It's big...and it's purple. Seriously.

Think It Up and Do It

One of the great benefits of a ministry like LifeLine is that because we are unencumbered by some of the trappings of a more "normal" church - whatever that is - we can be light on our feet and highly responsive to the needs around us. This isn't to minimize what others may or may not do; we just know that we feel pretty free to think stuff up and actually do it.

The way this has taken shape in the early stages of LifeLine's development has been in the form of things like disaster relief efforts, fall harvest overflows delivered to people in need, turning the LifeLine Mobile Medical Unit into a rolling coat closet for winter clothing, ministering to unhoused persons living outside in various ways, taking relationships and preventative medical care to people who are unhoused and/or migrant worker camps, transporting people for various services from other groups or ministries, providing various levels of collaborative support to other ministries and services at particularly challenging times, and much more.

This particular aspect of our life and ministry together is particularly exciting and transformative, as the gifts and callings of our group and its individuals are brought to bear for a common good and for the Kingdom of God in unique, creative and energetic ways. It is in these kinds of ministries that, often, our greatest joys intersect with the world's deep hunger (paraphrasing Frederick Buechner). In these places we are more aware than usual of God's activity among us, and of the life of the Spirit in which we live and walk.


  • Internships

    A part of God's call on LifeLine is that of developing, motivating and facilitating emerging leaders. We believe that God is orchestrating a shift in generational leadership in both the world and the Church, and that we have the opportunity to participate in this widespread movement of the Spirit by investing our resources of passion and influence and organic missional ministry in those God is raising up.

    The primary way in which LifeLine participates in this enterprise is through internship opportunities. LifeLine internships involve hands-on and deep engagement in ministry with all kinds of people living on the socio-economic and spiritual margins of the city. Rather than a pre-packaged approach or internship "product," each internship is structured around the intersection of the intern's interests and/or needs and the demands of LifeLine's ministry of the given time. All internships bear LifeLine's dna, in terms of its organic, highly missional, concrete, creative and entrepreneurial approach to holistic transformational ministry. At this time, all LifeLine internships are unpaid.

    If you are interested in more information about internships with LifeLine, contact us.

    You can also download a copy of our Internship Application using the download link below.

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