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Sacred Spaces

We admit it. Our idea of sacred spaces is probably a little different than most; a lot different than some. For us, a sacred space is more about the opportunities for meaningful engagement with people, as God makes those engagements possible, than it is about the space being set apart, decorated a certain way, or having a schedule for the sacred moment we expect. Our sacred spaces are more than a little messy a lot of the time.

One of the main places we've found or made sacred for the past three and a half years has been a coffee house now known as The Ground Level Coffee House (see link below). When we first started to discover God hanging out in this space, it was called Brewed Awakenings. We loved the hippie atmosphere, the college students, and the psychic reader who read tarot cards and palms on Monday nights. Not only did we find God in our conversations with each other when we gathered, but in our encounters with and loving of the staff and customers. It has been a sacred space more times than any of us could count.

The same could be said of the poetry nights at the Collingwood Arts Center, the fire pit of my homeless squatter friend, miscellaneous parking lots, Toledo's Tent City event, one another's homes, on an old purple and gold bus downtown, the living room of a Catholic charismatic retreat center, and many more. In each of these places we have been repeatedly surprised by the beauty and power that come when we meet God in unexpected places and times, or hear Kingdom truth from an unexpected source. In the process, we have come to be comfortable with the not knowing when God might meet us - or how - and to treasure the opportunities in which we get to venture into a space pregnant with eternity.

A central aspect of our community is to recognize that these times and places are often where "church" is most real, most powerful, most intimate and most transformative. It may be irregular and messy and uncontrollable, but it's also sacred in ways our buildings and programs miss. For us, to restrict ourselves to scheduled "church" would mean missing church in ways sleeping in on a Sunday morning would never produce.

ground level

tent city