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Becky's Thunder

I know you don't really know,
Nor would you likely lay claim
To having done anything noteworthy at all;
It's just not the way you roll.
But I simply must tell you that
Those six words revolutionized my life.

I wasn't trying to gain sympathy,
Just trying to be honest about
My long and less-than-impressive past
Of sabotaging self at the threshold
Of my life's greatest opportunities,
At the precise moment of promise fulfilled.

The statement made was accurate,
A reflection of real experience
With which no long-bystanding witness
Of my life would hotly disagree:
"I have a long track record –
A gift for blowing up my own life."

This assertion was the evidence
Of my underlying fears that,
Having identified the focus of my life's work,
I would exercise the dubious gift
Again, as so many other times;
Voicing the miserable paradox of my path.

Vision compromised by ego,
And action paralyzed by fear,
Certain only that the cloudless dream
Would, in the end, to loss submit,
And imagination's ideal would be
Ultimately obscured by inevitable defeat.

"But you're not that man anymore."
How could you be so sure then,
Or now, since you know so much more?
It was such a simple statement,
But it thundered through my soul,
And rumbles still thru often-tortured todays.

Current evidence often suggests
That I'm just on the verge again,
And that personal prophecies will self-fulfill,
Just as I always knew they would.
But at those very moments I hear
Your six words rising above my resignation.

My words are wholly impotent
To convey the force with which
Your words have impressed upon my life
To believe that some impending day
It may, without reserve, be said:
"Steve, you are not that man anymore."

Thank you.