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Philippi Martin (a LifeLine Ministries work in progress)

I would believe
Philippi Martin to be everyman
'cept that he lives alone.
He lives alone like some old
prospector or perhaps
a deer hunter –
outside of our own tracks in the snow –
there were only those of the deer.
You see – my friends and I are dreamers
and how much better we are
for our encounter with Philippe Martin?

I know that I took a lot of
photographs –
well, who would believe
that we found a
black man living in a teepee,
in the bed of a creek –
in the year 2010?!
Steve, even our friends might
think us delusional –
but I'd be interested in knowing
just why you took your photographs...
did you experience
a moment of pure disbelief
as I did? Or were you –
as I seem to expect,
working all along –
I mean, I know that you've been to the
front lines before
and already knew it possible
that an intelligent and well-spoken black man
would be living in a teepee
in a suburban Toledo wood...

I don't even know how to spell it –
and how incredibly improbable is this anyway?
Ken hears something from some "city workers"
who give him some aerial photographs
that he emails to me –
an email that I cannot open
but, of course, Steve can –
down the slippery slope
and hope we don't fall.
Steve has taken point, but has left the keys
in the car, running –

I am stunned by the absence of color
by the excessiveness of gray
and paralyzed by the indomitable spirit of man
to adapt. To survive.
And I knew that he'd done that
when he said: "My name is Philippe Martin."

How great is man –
for Philippe Martin
to have come this far...
and how great is God –
to have brought us to the campfire.