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My View of the Bridge

From where I'm standing, the bridge is the only thing that really looks like something. The surrounding buildings and warehouses are mostly rundown & empty, and from down here, my 'skyline' consist of some large pieces of cut concrete, big boulders, huge rocks ripped from something else, somewhere else; and a pile of pebbles, perhaps a story & a half high, being moved about all the time. The space between the bridge & me, is mostly river, and like everything else, it has seen better times. Still, it remains a valuable source for food, and more importantly, it makes the landscape tolerable.

I want to tell you what it's like being homeless, but it's such a radical departure from anything you've known, that I don't know if it's possible to make you know it. Make your senses accept it. I'm not sure that even the missionaries know what it's like. Oh, they know that it's awful, but what could they know beyond that? So, I will be your guide. I am the pulse of the people. I am at home in the jungle, and the city. I am king, of my corner, of the cage. I am the heartbeat of the street.

I have fixed time for our journey, otherwise I'd be busying my/self w/ preparations for the winter - and have not time for you. Winter robs me of my self sufficiency & independence, and always must I be imposing on others. all the while you're running around readying your/selves for thanksgiving & Christmas, I am in a life & death struggle for what's left of my humanity. What is left of myself. That, coupled w/ the ever present fear of exposure to the elements, limits my living, and I am double business bound, but stand in pause, you know, swiftly standing still. That's the end. . .

Homelessness is equal parts fear & uncertainty, and each of them is potentially unnerving. Paralyzing. The nearest convenience store is just a block and a half away, but there isn't a decent facility near enough, or a good meal close enough, for my liking, so I fear not being able to take a decent crap every day. Of course, I fear hunger, and the uncertainty of where I will lay my head. I fear being alone; of being w/ the wrong person; of having no money; no place to store my gear; of being safe. BATHING AND BATHROOM!! Most of us take all of these things for granted. (Fear of failure, of disappointing those that I love, pain. What, have you none of it?? I had contemplated suicide, but it beat me to it. . .I would gladly end it all now if only I could make Steve see that the tigers third baseman made an error that cost them two unearned runs in the top of the fifth. What? Did you think that baseball no longer mattered?? I am always looking for an opportunity to advance my agenda: I want to live. . .I, I want to know the way out. Now, while it is trendy to identify with the homeless. Helping helpless homeless.

Homelessness is fear and uncertainty in equal parts. This is how I see it. This is my point of view...