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The Downtown Museum

I want to tell you a story, but nobody listens anymore. So I have given up speaking audibly. What follows is my recorded testimony, and nothing can penetrate the isolation I find myself mirrored in; not the senseless murder of Dr. Brundage; not downtown revitalization; not even the somewhat sudden demise of the "king of pop."

Now, either I'm going crazy, & Larry is regaining his faculties, or Larry is really on to something, & it is I who must bear witness. After weeks of dissonance, Larry has learned to play chord progressions on the piano. His playing has an elusive rhythm, but it is one that touches me. Yesterday, Larry went uptown (I don't know where), & I really missed his playing underneath the buzz of conversation; underneath the clackclackclack of the dominos; underneath the excessive volume of the big screen tv (with no picture, mind you)... underneath, he sounds like Thelonius Monk. And when it filters in, I am grooving to Larry's music.

At its core, the museum is both fascinating, and diverse. You must see it to believe it. It is where despair & hopelessness meet mental illness & testosterone. The museum is a living organism. Human artifacts on display, in a real time exhibition – so it is probably more suited to a play or documentary. Something to accentuate the moment to moment dramatization of one's own personal issues.

The mental illness is pervasive, and imposing. Perhaps as much as half of it is undiagnosed, and most of it is untreated. And those diagnosed fail to understand the importance of taking their meds. Oh, and by the way, I am one of the actors in this real life drama. . .

So, did you see where you could get a free AK-47 for buying a new truck? Suppose if I buy a yacht, I can get that hummer w/ the gun turret, & a 20 caliber machine gun. Texas. . ."all my ex's live in Texas, that's why I hang my hat in Tennessee."

Today, Larry sounds like the great McCoy Tanner. This is a rite of passage. Now Larry is giving a concert whenever he plays, & I am now sure that he feels that he is on to something. Larry is everyone from Juan Valdez, to a cross dressing manic depressive. He is everyone you know – an everyday action exhibit. . .

Coming attractions. . .animated exhibits on bi polarism, & schizophrenia , and all that is excessive compulsive. Toledo does not need downtown revitalization. Downtown is plenty vitalized with living organic sculptures – energized by extreme & excessive substance abuse. no, not everyone, not Larry. I don't know how to clinically define Larry's malady, but he plays avant garde/classical/jazz piano. How? And is that not redeeming enough?

And what's up with all these vacant houses, while people are in the street homeless? Seems like a natural marriage to me. These are not bums like before – after all these foreclosures, business failures, and outsourcing of jobs, working Americans are in the street. Bet chu never considered that. Back in the day, it was unheard of for women to be at the mission. Now there are women – lots of them, and children too: exposed to toxicity, promiscuity, despair, and waste. Are you listening county commissioners? Are you listening Gov. Strickland? Can you hear me Barack?? I say this because Fanny Mae is not the people of the United States; General Motors is not the people of the United States. Wall Street, empire country, I'm dying.

When I left, Larry was using the pedals, allowing his sound to swell. As his confidence grows, so too, does the sound . it's pervasive & imposing. At this point, Larry has many believers, & underneath the tights & skirt, & several layers of clothing, Larry is an artist. There, I said it. An artist/musician.

This is for the homeless. It's for Vinnie & frank; popa smurf & Melvin; for everybody who went into the building across the street, & never came back; for anybody else who moved in outside the "Lucky Dollar"; for the Cherry Street Mission, St. Paul's Community Center, Rebekka's Haven, & the Sparrow's Nest; for 211's and anxiety; for old English 800 & manic depression; for crack cocaine and obsession compulsion;

This is a poem for our people, & for our cities. So that all of you who care to, can speak this poem, silently, or LOUD.

THANK YOU. . .primary viewing hours for the museum are every day from 6am to 7pm, and if you prefer something more sinister, you can go there late into the night. admission seems to be free. . .

Bonfiles. . .